for King & Country Member Stars in Upcoming Motion Picture

Joel Smallbone, one of the brother singers in the band for King & Country stars in an upcoming motion picture about a man who risks everything to show his love that she is priceless!

Joel tells us the pace of filming and making music for the flim is hectic, but the message is worth the price.  "We are neck-deep in editing and putting together this film. It's coming together in a really moving and remarkable way! So much so, that we wanted to piece together some visuals from the film to share with you! So here they are. If you enjoyed the song that underscored the First Look Teaser, it's a brand-new tune we wrote, simply titled "Priceless". You can download here or stream it here!"

Here is a video sneak peek of the movie, Priceless, starring Joel Smallbone

The story follows James Stevenson (Joel Smallbone), a man of extremes, who gets thrown into the dark world of human trafficking. Can the love, strength, and faith of a woman redefine his past and change the course of his future? This unlikely hero must risk it all to shut down the trafficking ring and save the girl he's falling in love with.


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