Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver: 'I Know' Gave Voice to Our Hurt

Cancer, miscarriage, loss of limbs, death in the family -- In a short span of time, Big Daddy Weave has been hit with some of the hardest tragedies life can offer. From this season came a song that perfectly frames the band's continuing faith through trials.

Lead singer Mike Weaver talks about how their song, "I Know" came about. 

"I Know" is one of the featured singles from the band's album, When The Light Comes.  Mike Weaver told CCM Magazine that the new collection of songs were written from a place of pain; not out of a place of cheerfulness "These songs (on the album) are not written from a place of having anything together; these songs are written from a place of realizing our desperate need for Jesus.  And meeting Him in an encounter - that's where these songs are birthed out of".  

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