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Behind the Song: Matt Maher's 'Run to the Father'

When life knocks us down and we feel broken, Matt Maher has a message that he learned, from all sources, from his children.  
Listen to Matt tell us more in his story behind the song, "Run to the Father"...

When my kids get hurt they just run to my wife and I. They don’t stop or hesitate, they just run. And that’s a profound revelation of what it means to have a heart open to God, to be able to run to Him when we’re hurting. The other thing is, as a parent, that when I see my own child suffering, I run to them. I don’t wait for them to run to me. So even as I sing a song called “Run To The Father”, I’m really, in some ways, singing about the fact that God’s already run to me, and He’ll never get tired of me needing Him. – Matt Maher

"Run to the Father" is on Matt's 2020 album, Alive & Breathing

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