'It's a Miracle!': Woman Recovers From COVID-19 After 21 Days In A Coma

Even after Karla Taylor-Bauman’s body completely shut down while spending 21 days in a coma, the miracle woman defied all the odds and beat the coronavirus!

After contracting COVID-19, Karla Taylor-Bauman spent close to 2 months in the hospital, including her 50th birthday, fighting for her life. Doctors told her husband to say goodbye.

But Karla’s family never gave up hope and put their trust in the Lord. And despite her grim prognosis, the miracle woman recovered and beat the coronavirus!

Battling Coronavirus

When COVID-19 hit Karla Taylor-Bauman, it hit swiftly and hard. She went from having the sniffles, to having a high fever and extreme difficulty breathing.

No sooner than she got to the hospital, doctors hooked her up to a ventilator and put her into a medically-induced coma. Because of restrictions due to the pandemic, Karla’s husband, Jevon Bauman, couldn’t be by her side. But he still talked to her as much as possible through an iPad.

"Hi baby, it's me. I miss you. I love you. I'm praying for you," he would tell her.

But at that time, the miracle woman was completely unresponsive. Karla’s doctors feared the worst, saying she was “as close to brain dead as you get without being brain dead.”

"Her doctors at Vista were more or less telling me to brace for her passing," Jevon recalled.

But they kept praying.

Miraculous Turn Of Events

Karla spent 21 days in a coma. During that time, things kept looking worse and worse.

The doctors feared she had brain damage. Her kidneys stopped working, her body started shutting down, and her heartbeat became erratic.

“Doctors said we had to let her go because her brain was dead,” said Karla’s stepfather, Carlos Escalante. “We kept the faith that a miracle could happen, and on the sixth day she started waking up.”

Despite all the odds and s struggles, the miracle woman didn’t die. In fact, she started getting better.

Karla Taylor-Bauman’s breathing improved to the point where doctors took her off the ventilator. And she not only woke up but completely recovered, too!

It was an incredibly joyous and emotional moment for her family, after being told to expect the worst.

"I almost lost her," said her tearful husband, Jevon. "I still have her by the grace of God."

Full Recovery For The Miracle Woman

Karla’s kidneys are fully functional again. She needs some physical therapy for some muscle weakness after spending nearly 2 months in a hospital bed. But otherwise, she’s fully healed, and in some cases, even better.

Though doctors feared brain damage, Karla Taylor-Bauman is vividly recovering long-lost memories from her childhood.

"My brain is working better than ever. I feel almost like somebody went inside my body and reprogrammed everything brand new," she says.

Excellent medical care certainly played a role in her healing. But Karla knows the Great Physician is ultimately to thank.

"Doctors pronounced me dead,” she said. The miracle woman goes on to explain, “My heart stopped. My kidneys failed. My whole body just shut down, and yet here I am. To me, it's a miracle."

That’s why the family wants to share the miracle woman’s story. Even when things looked bleakest, her family kept praying and trusting in God.

"Don't lose your faith. Keep believing," Carlos Escalante said. "Miracles happen. My stepdaughter is a miracle."

And after her ordeal, the miracle woman shares a similar message with everyone:

“God is very powerful. He creates miracles and I’m a testimony of that.”

WATCH: Woman Recovers From COVID-19 After 21 Days In A Coma

h/t & Featured Image: NBC Chicago

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