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We love these inspirational and fun videos:

LOL! Dad reacts to light up shoes!
From Thursday, October 6th:

Scaredy Cats!!!
From Thursday, September 22nd:

Love Love Love! Toddler Sings with his Grandma!
From Thursday, September 8th:

Cute! Puppy Struggles to Bring Newspaper to Front Door!
From Thursday, July 14th:

So Sweet! Little Boy Sneaks into Garage to Hug Dog!
From Thursday, June 16th:

LOL! Penguins React To Opera!!!
From Thursday, May 19th:


So Funny Dogs Don't Want to Take Their Baths!!
From Thursday, April 21st:

Baby Smiles in Delight at Seeing his Mom for the First Time after Receiving Glasses!!
From Thursday, April 14th:

Cuteness Alert! Puppy Prays Before Dinner!!!
From Thursday, March 31st:

Adorable two-year-old with Down Syndrome Pronounces his ABCs
From Thursday, March 17th:

ADORABLE! Mom and Baby Otter Snuggle!!
From Thursday, March 10th:

One of Our All-Time Favorites! Funny Dog with Voice Over!
From Thursday, March 3rd:

Who's Faster? Mom or Dad? Watch them Race to get Their Triplets Ready for Bed?
From Thursday, February 25th:

MUST WATCH!! This Disney Medley Will Take Your Breath Away!
From Thursday, February 18th:

Dad and Son: A Year's Worth of Fun!!
From Thursday, February 11th:

Mom Hears Son's Heartbeat After his Death
From Thursday, February 4th:

Hilarious! Baby wakes up dancing!
From Thursday, January 21st:

LOL! Dogs Discovering Snow!
From Thursday, January 14th:

Funny! Baby tries bacon for the first time!
From Thursday, January 7th:

Children of Prisoners Reunite with their Fathers Behind Bars for a Day
From Thursday, December 24th:

Flash Mob! The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian
From Thursday, December 10th:

World in Tribute to Paris wears Colors of the French Flag
From Thursday, November 18th:

SO AWESOME! Dad sings about Son's Snack!
From Thursday, November 11th:

CUTE CUTE CUTE! A Chipmunk Morning!
From Thursday, November 5th:

LOVE THIS! Boy with Cerebral Palsy walks to his Marine Dad!
From Thursday, October 22nd:

ADORABLE! Baby and Dog do a Welcome Home Daddy Dance!
From Thursday, October 14th:

Cute Alert! Listen to this baby lion ROAR!
From Thursday, October 1st:

Momma polar bear jumps in to save her baby cub!
From Thursday, September 24th:

Baby girl won't let her Daddy clip her nails!
From Thursday, September 17th:

Governor of Connecticut is photo-bombed by a Hilarious whale!
From Thursday, September 10th:

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