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Q102.7 KBIQ Studio Line (for contests):

General Manager
Chris Gould- [email protected]

Operations Manager & Morning Show co-host
Bret Stevens - [email protected]

Business Manager                                                                                          

Tina Daniels- [email protected]

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Hannah Jensen - [email protected] 

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We've been asked the following questions so many times, we figured we'd just post the answers to help you out!


Where can I pick up Q102.7  Bumper Stickers?

Feel free to pick them up here at our station or at any events we have coming up where we'll be LIVE! Check out our Upcoming Events Page HERE.

I love your station, but I live in another state/country/far-distant-land, how can I listen to you?

WOW, thanks for listening to us! We stream online 24/7 for FREE - click the "listen live" button on the top left of the screen. OR just take us with you, we've got a FREE smartphone app for your iPhone or Android - CLICK HERE.

Why aren't you playing my favorite band? How can I tell you what to play on Q102.7?

We would love to know who you want to hear! In fact, we rely on you to tell us! Contact us via the listener advisory board. CLICK HERE.

Can you tell me that name of the song you just played?

We get asked this a lot. We have a solution! We list the last 15 songs played right here, on our website. CLICK HERE.

I'm a songwriter/artist! How can I get you my music?
You can mail a CD and press kit to us at:

KBIQ Attn: Music Director
7150 Campus Drive Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Help! I am looking for something the Morning Show just talked about?

The Morning Show often posts show topics and their positive thoughts on their own web page. CLICK HERE

I want to email one of the on-air personalities, can you give me their email?

Sure! Just scroll up, and hover your mouse over "On-Air" on the navigation bar, and you will see a drop down of all the personalities with links to their pages.

The online player is not working!

MANY variables will affect why the media player is not working for you. Check your settings and make sure you are not blocking the media player with FIREWALLS, COOKIES, POP UP BLOCKERS, and if the problem persists visit the support page for our media player.

If your questions STILL did not get answered, please fill out the form below. We will try our best to get back to you in a timely manner, but please be patient as we receive TONS of emails each day.



For specific questions about our Privacy Policy or Terms of use, or to submit a claim of infringing content, please send an email to: [email protected]. For all other inquiries, please choose from the list above.

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