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Who Are the Innocent Palestinians?

Spoiler alert in case you don’t care or have time for the details: the poll shows that Palestinian Arabs roundly support terror against Israel, reject peace with Israel, and deny Israel’s very right to exist.

For They Shall See God: Seeing Christ in Christmas

As I celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, my prayer is that my heart will always be full of a profound understanding of the significance of that moment and will always beat with anticipation of what God is going to do next.

World AIDS Day 2023 and South Africa

As the world pauses to reflect on this disease that has affected so many, consider ways you can come alongside those who are effectively addressing AIDS and the ones who suffer from its wide-ranging reach.

10 New Family Movies to Stream This Christmas Season

It’s not easy to find family-friendly movies nowadays. Finding a family-friendly film that everyone in the house will watch is even more difficult. But if you search hard enough, they’re out there. The quality of family-friendly films has gone up significantly in recent years, including in the faith-based genre. Fortunately, there are quite a few family-family movies on home video this holiday season.

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