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Music Review: Josh Wilson, "See You"

Christian Music Reviews

Record Label: Sparrow Records
Album length: 12 tracks: 38 minutes, 3 seconds
Street Date: February 8, 2011




Josh Wilson's acoustic pop sound has been a treat for music fans since his debut in 2008. Over the course of one full release and a seven-song EP, Wilson was able to experiment with a few different sounds. His latest, See You, ends up as a mixture of these two musical ventures. It combines the mellow but heartfelt style from his debut with the solid pop sound of Life Is Not A Snapshot. Because of this, unfortunately, little new ground is gained.

The album begins with "Sing It," a short introduction with a sound reminiscent of Trying To Fit The Ocean
In A Cup
. The next four songs all sound slightly overproduced, with radio-ready melodies. On previous releases, Wilson presented songs that clearly established struggles within faith, and the slightly narrative "See You" makes for a fine, introspective title track. It smoothly transitions into the instrumental "It Is Well," which is nicely executed, but does not stand up to Wilson's previously released instrumental gem, "Amazing Grace." Finally, the beat picks up for "Shine On Us," and "Always Only You," the latter of which is an excellent display of Wilson's ability to pen cute love songs. The final two tracks are less than noteworthy musically, and could easily be confused with songs from his debut. However, they do have thoughtful lyrics that many will be able to relate to. The album ends just as it began, with the heartfelt reprise to "Sing It."

It would not be difficult to argue that Josh Wilson is one of the more talented singer-songwriters in the Christian music industry today. He's had radio success to go along with his above average debut and EP. However, See You fails to show distinguished progression in further developing a unique style. Hopefully this will not be the case with future releases. In the meantime, fans not looking for change will be quite happy with See You.

Sing It (2:31)
Behind The Beauty (3:12)
I Refuse (3:38)
Fall Apart (3:28)
Know By Now (2:49)
See You (3:53)
It Is Well (4:23)
Shine On Us (2:48)
Always Only You (2:54)
Forest Fire (3:52)
They Just Believe (3:37)
Sing It (Reprise) (1:03)
Linear (for Digital Deluxe) (4:23)

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